Full Moon View Of Taj Mahal

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Full Moon View Of Taj Mahal

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    Travelling!! the whole world can be the dream of a tourist but the travelers call it a plan. Leisure travelers want to see the places and monuments which can give them a relief for the lifetime in the form of memories. Many travelers from the whole World came to India in the pursuit of happiness and they find this land very amazing and full of colors. India is the country, which is having various places which give many amazing and magical picturesque views. After seeing them one can fall in love with this country and promise to the nature that he/she will come to see them, again and again.

    Having a Taj Mahal Moonlight Tour is one of the things, which can give a breathtaking view of Taj Mahal and a memorable time of the life. Agra city is the homeland of this beautiful monument and having other various monuments. This city is full of many historical places and there are various facts engraved in the sand of this city which is having relation with the Mughals. And they are well-preserved form last five hundred years.

  • From Delhi to Agra

    Around 7:00 AM in the morning our one of the best tour representatives will receive you from the location which you want in Delhi. This is the very starting time of this amazing tour, via Yamuna Expressway you can reach Agra within just a couple of hours. You can also have a breakfast on the way to Agra but I would like to suggest you that have a breakfast of BedaiJalebi in Agra. After reaching Agra, our well trained and professional guide will greet you and will provide guidance to the monuments and interesting places of this city. You have a day to explore this city with your hands but keep one thing in mind that tourist has to report in the complex of this monument by 8:00 PM.

  • Moonshine on the Crown of India

    Watching the Taj on the full moon night is the most amazing and eye-catching view. The time shows the perfect blend of Monument’s beauty and nature’s heart. This view of Taj Mahal one can have only for five nights in a month that is two nights before the full moon night, two nights after it and a night itself. The visiting time of this amazing monument on that night is from 8:30 to 12:30 PM and the tourists are divided into 8 slots and every slot can have that amazing view for half-an-hour.

    As the moonshine falls on the marble of this monument, which is a fine quality of white makrana marble, the whole monument starts glittering in silver. The view of this monument is very mesmerizing and that half hour can be the most awesome time of the life, I can bet that. People from all over the world came to witness this scene or admire the beauty of this monument on that special night. Many travelers book this tour before many days so that they can have it very easily and on low rates.

    The location of this monument adds a charm to this special night, this gracious Taj Mahal is standing alone on the bank of River Yamuna. The cool breeze in the night touches the face which provides another factor of rejuvenation. Have this amazing view of Taj Mahal and get lost in the beauty of it. The main important thing regarding this tour is that no one can are allowed to get closer to the monument, there is a distance maintained by the ruling authority. The distance is sufficient for having a classic view of the Taj and the moon. Halt the night in the hotel and have a sweet night.

  • Back to Delhi

    Wake up early if you want and have a healthy breakfast and get back to Delhi, after having various beautiful moments captured in cameras.

  • Dates For Full Moon For Night Viewing of Tajmahal In The Year 2017-2018
    April, 2017
    May, 2017
    10-5-2017 Wednesday
    June, 2017


    July, 2017
    09-07-2017 Sunday
    August, 2017
    07-08-2017 Monday
    06-09-2017 Wednesday
    October, 2017
    05-10-2017 Thursday
    04-11-2017 Saturday
    03-12-2017 Sunday
    January, 2018
    02-01-2018 Tuesday
    January, 2018
    31-01-2018 Wednesday
    March, 2018
    01-03-2018 Thursday

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Night Viewing Slots Timings:

  Slot No.1 :       8:30 to 9:00 PM
  Slot No.2 :       9:00 to 9:30 PM
  Slot No.3 :       9:30 to 10:00 PM
  Slot No.4 :       10:00 to 10:30 PM
  Slot No.5 :       10:30 to 11:00 PM
  Slot No.6 :       11:00 to 11:30 PM
  Slot No.7 :       11:30 to 12:00 PM
  Slot No.8 :       00:00 to 00:30 AM

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